Who We Are

Our Vision

Fulfilling the promise within each and every East County student.

Our Mission

Enriching our community with strong partnerships that guide our students through a world-class education leading to meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Success Stories

  • Moises Morales Cuyamaca College

    Moises hasn’t let cerebral palsy stop him from excelling at Cuyamaca College or playing on the U.S. Paralympic National Soccer Team. He’s dreaming of a career in international commerce. READ MORE

  • Jovonda Reina Cuyamaca College

    Jovonda found a home at Cuyamaca College after being shuffled around to different homes as a foster child. She excelled at Cuyamaca College and is now attending San Diego State University. READ MORE

  • Ahmad Aljanabi Grossmont College

    Ahmad traveled a long road to Grossmont College after fleeing the war and carnage in Iraq – from Syria to Georgia, Maine and Michigan before his family moved to San Diego County. His dream is to work as an orthopedic specialist. READ MORE

  • Jesus Suarez Cuyamaca College

    Jesus, a first-generation American, has demonstrated his passion for helping others at Cuyamaca College. He is student government president, helped create a contemplation room on campus, and was instrumental in establishing a food pantry for students who don’t have enough to eat. READ MORE

Our Goals

Goal 1 Inspire Students to Focus on College and Careers

Increase the number of students who actively engage in a college and career pathway, and graduate from high school well-prepared to succeed in college.

Goal 2 Foster Collaboration Between our Districts to Provide a Seamless Transition from High School to College

Strengthen the institutional capacities of the partnership by aligning curriculum, programs and services, and expanding financial resources.

Goal 3 Improve College Completion Rates and Prepare Students for an Ever-Evolving Workforce

Increase the number of students who earn a degree or certificate, transfer to a university, and enter the workforce.